Governor Recruitment

We are looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our LGB.

Curriculum Overview

We view the Curriculum as the sum total of all the learning experiences within the Academy not simply the identifiable subjects. Consequently, the learning programmes extend beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum and subject boundaries. They intend to fully develop you so that you may successfully contribute to a modern and increasingly global society.

We are committed to providing you with the best quality education to enable you to move, confidently, onto University, Apprenticeship or Employment. We have a very wide range of Level 3 courses available coupled with re-take GCSE courses in English and Mathematics. This should enable you to select the appropriate range of courses for your individual requirements.

If you would like more information about the curriculum the Academy follows then please contact us.

Course Details

Our prospectus contains a comprehensive guide to Sixth Form Education, providing an insight into all the courses we offer. It is designed to help you make informed decisions about your future studies. It contains information on the admissions criteria, application procedure and detailed information about each subject. You can download our prospectus below:

Spellings List

We provide students with a “Dirty 30” list of spellings for them to learn across the year. You can download this below: