Governor Recruitment

We are looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our LGB.

Work Experience

Work Experience is an exciting opportunity for students to gain early exposure to the workplace. Students are encouraged to complete work experience and other activities outside of lessons to prepare them for the wider world, higher education and employment.

Work experience gives students the opportunity to build on key skills, increase confidence and inform future career decisions. A placement will also give students the added bonus of gaining experiences to include on their CV, UCAS applications and in job interviews.

Past work experience placements have included:

  • Medical and Veterinary practices
  • MP/Parliamentary
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Mechanical/Engineering
  • Retail stores
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Administration

Any students interested in completing a work experience placement will need to see Miss Lindsay Prentice or Mrs Sian Byrne. While students are encouraged to find their own placements, we have a database of employers and contacts that students will be able to make use of. We will also be able to assist students in securing a placement and ensuring that the necessary paperwork and checks are completed.

To ensure students’ safety at all times, paperwork and checks needs to be in place before a placement can begin. This includes Parent/Carer consent forms, medical information forms, Employer Risk Assessments and employer DBS checks (if needed). We also work alongside Entrust Work Experience Services who will complete relevant H&S visits at placements and ensure that the relevant insurance is in place. We will do our best to authorise a placement as soon as possible. However, we do ask that students bear with us throughout this process.

Please avoid making medical appointments during work experience. You should let us know as soon as possible if you are ill or away on an Academy trip so that we can give the employer plenty of notice.

BTEC Work Experience

Students taking BTEC subjects in Year 13 will be asked to complete work experience as part of their course. Placements should be related to their studies to give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learnt during their BTEC course. Placements will be arranged through the students’ BTEC tutor and the work experience team.

Work Experience at Other Times

A popular choice for students is to complete ongoing work experience during their Non-Contact Time/free sessions.

Some students cannot always arrange a placement to fit into their timetable and certain invaluable placements may require students to miss lessons for a block of time. We want to encourage students to complete work experience and so in special circumstances an Absence Request form could be completed for this. It will be the student’s responsibility to catch up on any missed work.

Any students considering work experience outside of enrichment must speak to Miss Prentice or Mrs Byrne as soon as possible. Any placement agreed during Academy hours must be authorised by our work experience team and, in most cases, permission must be granted by the student’s Director of Learning.