Governor Recruitment

We are looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our LGB.


Ofsted is a government department responsible for inspecting a range of educational institutions, including schools and academies. They are an independent and impartial organisation that report directly to Parliament. Further information is available on their website.

Parent View is an Ofsted operated service allowing parents/carers to provide their views on their child’s school. We encourage all parents/carers to submit their views, which can be done on the Parent View website below:

Our most recent inspection report can be downloaded from the Ofsted website or from downloaded directly below:

Published Information

The Department for Education (DfE) have published guidance on what 16 to 19 academies should be providing on their websites. Below you will find links to pages on our website where these items can be found.

If you would like further information on the items below please contact us.

Additional Information

In addition to the DfE recommendations above, we have produced a list of additional information that you may find useful.